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Channing Tatum Strips on SNL

So hot! Who doesn’t want to see Channing Tatum take his clothes off? Tonight Channing Tatum is hosting Saturday Night Live, the actor known for his role in the homoerotic Roman film “The Eagle.” Reminding […]

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VIDEO: Flash Mob with Stripper Pole Dance

NYC subway cars never fail to impress.

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Alex Pettyfer the Stripper

Alex Pettyfer is set to play movie star Channing Tatum, in a film about his stripper past. Here’s Channing shaking his bon bon.

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FOFA #1157 – Craig Seymour Bares it All

Visiting a strip club when you first come out can be a very liberating experience as it validates your desire to look at other men. CAs a young college student, Craig Seymour was so fascinated by his experience at the strip club he became a stripper himself and eventually wrote a book about his experience.

Listen as Craig Seymour talks about his tell-all book: “All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.”

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Aunt Esther Was a Stripper

Fausto loves his Lawanda Page but I wonder if he knows how she started her career?

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