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FOF #2489 – Alien: Whores of Lost Atlantis

We love H.R. Giger’s Alien monsters: the intergalactic gothic superbeasts that look like a combination of male and female genitalia who will ruin your day if they don’t impregnate you first.

Today, we take a look at the new Alien: Covenant film, our favorite things from past Alien movies, why we’re all secretly rooting for the monster and why the movie and book titles sound like gay Broadway plays.

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VIDEO: Lost Penguin Receiving Top-Notch Medical Care

Earlier last week, a young emperor penguin was found wandering a beach on the Kapiti coast of New Zealand. This is only the second time this species has been seen this far north (the first […]

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FOF #1041 – Getting in Hot Water

Interview with Matt Johnson the manager of a coffee shop in Oak Park who’s gotten into hot water for booking a minister who advocates gay reperative therapy. Tyra Banks yanks out her hair extensions and Project Runway returns to TV.