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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. GOProud Taiwanese Animation

Next Media Animation gives the Taiwanese animation treatment to Dan Savage and his criticism of GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney as president. Savage called GOProud “house f*gotts,” a reference to term “house negros” The video, […]

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VIDEO: Chaz Bono Gets Taiwanese Animation

Chaz Bono says he’s saving up for bottom surgery so the folks at Next Media Animation gave their special Taiwanese Animation. I’m kind of disappointed that the character they used to portray Chaz looks absolutely […]

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VIDEO: L Word Star Gets Taiwanese Animation

L Word star Leisha Haley gets the Taiwanese animation treatment for getting kicked off a Southwest flight for kissing her girlfriend. You can watch it in English on Next Media but I think it’s funnier […]

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VIDEO: Santorum Gets Taiwanese Animation

The Taiwanese animators portray Santorum as a Catholic crusader and they don’t shy away from the frothy mix.

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