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VIDEO: Queer Ring Infiltrates Target

I love it when people commandeer public address systems.

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FOF #1239 – Stop Hitting Yourself

Today we’re taking a look at our love hate relationship with our families and how they both mentally and physically impact our lives. Why is there so much sexual diversity not just in people but all over the animal kingdom?

Listen as we share some of your heart touching stories and offer some perspective on what to do once you’ve come out to your family.

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FOF #1238 – World Keep On Turning

Remember pointing to your wrist to ask for the time or a time when bandages came in only one skin color? The Beloit College Mindset List, an index of cultural experiences that shape the lives of students entering college for the first time was just released.

Join us as Blogger Michael Lehet walks with us down memory lane and shares his amazing story of self-pleasure from a second story window at the gym.

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FOF #1229 – I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

Today’s is the big day when the Big Gay Judge Walker in California electronically files his decision on the legality of “Proposition 8” -where a majority of voters in California voted to take away the State’s ability to issue same sex marriage licenses.

And guess what? We’ve got our predictions! Find out how the crow will caw. Plus all the hot news.

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