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FOF #2289 – The Three Most Terrifying Words

For many people, saying “I love you” is terrifying because those three words carry so much of our desires, hope and dreams that we fear won’t be reciprocated by the ones we love.

But, new research reveals that not only is it vital for people to freely express their love, it can lead to much more satisfying sex and can even save lives.

Today, we’re tackling the horrifying fear people have sharing and expressing love, and how to overcome those feelings to invite passion and kinship into your life.

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FOF #1770 – What’s Love Got to Do With It

Like fuck, love is one of those powerful words that is used to mean just about anything. The most popular type of music is love songs and inside them are some pretty horrible cliches that don’t really help those struggling in the romance department.

Today we take a look at the cliches in some of the most popular love songs and offer some relationship advice on how to stay strong with the one you love.

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FOF #1591 – Kristen Studard is an International Sex Symbol

Whoop whoop! The very funny Kristen Studard joins us today to talk about her fear of pot smoking, now that more Americans support the full legalization of marijuana than they do Marriage Equality.

Plus– Target’s gay t-shirts, Channing Tatum likes having Elton John’s hand up his butt, and what it’s like to be an international sex symbol.

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Pee on the Target

According to a research by a professor at University of Illinois, men have an instinct to “aim at a target.” Apparently, putting a picture on the back of the urinals will attract men to aim their […]

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VIDEO: Target’s It Gets Better Video Makes the Employees Look Like they Are Being Held Hostage

This whole “It Gets Better” campaign is really starting to get on my nerves. Target, one of the most aggressive corporations donating thousands of dollars every year to anti-gay politicians and groups ironically is actually […]

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Target Still Evil: Stays Neutral on Anti-Marriage Equality Ammendment While Sponsoring Twin Cities Pride

Target is still evil.  The Republican controlled legislature in Minnesota recently pushed through a ballot initiative for 2012 that would add an anti-marriage equality ammendment to the State Constitution.  Target, a Minneapolis based company, has […]

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Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Target Over the Gays

This is an unconfirmed story, but I did just have my birthday and this would be the perfect gift from Our Lady of Gaga. [Yes, I’m 352 years old.]  Anyway, according to Huffpo who cites […]

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Target is STILL Donating to Anti-Gay Causes and Politicians

What a piece of work!  May they rot and become K-mart.  The journalist who covered Target’s donations and subsequent apology investigated the donations which followed the Target CEO’s promise to review and revise their system […]

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Corporations Are Not People, SKYNET Is Not People

A public service announcement. Supporting Target is like supporting machines to control us. Would you support SKYNET? No matter how you feel about gay rights, everyone can agree that it’s really creepy they gave 1/8 […]

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FOF #1237 – Vampire Weekend

Respect to all the drag queens! On today’s show we fill you in on all the delicious hi-jinks of our trannylicious vampire weekend at the Chicago premier of “All About Evil.”

Plus, Politics and Activism blogger Phil Reese joins us to make sense of the stay on Prop 8, Mark Kirk’s ex-wife joins his campaign, Blago found guilty on only one charge and the Target Boycott.

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