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VIDEO: Target Ain’t People

Target is a whore! Please pass this around 🙂 — Robb

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A Target Team Member’s Open Letter To Target, its CEO, & Those Protesting on Saturday.

To those mentioned above and all others affected by this situation, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Earlier today, I received word that local LBGT groups plan to protest at the newly […]

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Rachel Eloquently Explains Why Target and Bestbuy Suck

Apparently, some in our community are too … to understand why we should boycott Target and BestBuy.  So, here it is.  Target and BestBuy have indirectly unleashed this on us.  They should think first next […]

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FOF #1225 – Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Bon Voyage Bertha! Our friend Michael Bowen best known as Drag Queen and Pie expert Bertha Mason, is moving to the Big Apple to bake tasty pies with hot toppings!

Joins us as Bertha tells us how to make the perfect pie and what he’s going to do about her long term sexual relationship pretending to be a coach and why so many women loving women love vegan desserts.

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