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VIDEO: Repulsive. Tea Party Express is Using Giffords Shooting as a Fundraising Opportunity.

This speaks for itself.  I’m utterly disgusted, and I promise not to post anymore about the shooting or political climate, but I think this underscores Fausto’s earlier post about the shooting.  Ok, this Debbie Downer […]

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The mainstream media, yet again, treats wild anti-science as valid “opinion.”

This post is initially about Ken Buck, the GOP’s Senate Candidate in Colorado who has made a clear choice to become a Professional “Dumbass;” however, this post is really about the laziness and stupidity in […]

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PHOTOSHOP: A Trannylicious Glenn Palin

Creepy and hilarious, someone did a trannylicious mashup of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Does this image haunt Levi Johnston in his dreams?

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