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Articulate Student Stands Up to School Board

As a former Howell resident I couldn’t agree more. Are you going to stand around and watch a silent Holocaust in Howell stand up and fight. If you just stand on the sidelines and watch […]

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VIDEO: It Gets Better to the Tune of Frère Jacques

The Gay Men’s Chorus deliver their “It Get Better” message through song. Give it a listen. See more Chicago “It Gets Better” videos.

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Sassy Gay Friend Makes a Video for ’It Gets Better’ Project

If you haven’t seen any thing made by the Sassy Gay Friend Series look here.

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FOFA #390 – It Gets Better

Tragically over 1600 teens commit suicide in the U.S. every year due to bullying and abuse over being percieved as LBGT or outsiders. Originally posted on Sept. 18, 2006, we had a remarkable interview with writer and humorist Kate Bornstein talks about teen suicide and 101 alternatives to killing yourself.

It still holds up to this day.

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VIDEO: Dan Savage and His Hubby Want You to Know It Gets Better

Sex advice columnist, podcaster and NPR darling Dan Savage has launched a YouTube channel with his hubby called “It Gets Better.” They’re asking for videos from people who want to provide support to gay teens who face the haters, discrimination and bullying in high school.

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