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FOF #2728 – Naughty Boys Need Love Too

Comedians often get asked by people they hook up with, “Are you going to talk about me in your act? For comedian Zach Zimmerman, the answer is yes.

Today, the hilarious Zach Zimmerman joins us to talk about his debut comedy album “Clean Comedy” where he covers dating and casting his own dong for his boyfriend.

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FOF #1857 – Battle of the Drag Queen Superstars

Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck are now touring the country like rock stars in “Battle of the Seasons” which pits the show’s popular girls against each other to see who will be the Ultimate Drag Superstar.

Today these fabulous girls join us to talk about their humble origins in Pittsburgh- climbing out of the pile of broken dreams and drag queen remains to become one of the world’s most talked about performing couples.

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FOF #1778 – Having a Ball

Everyone wonders about the size of a man’s wang, but do they ever stop to think about the balls that hang down below? Do they waddle to and fro? Would you tie them in a knot , would you tie them in a bow? Can you toss them over your shoulder like a continental soldier?

Today Bill Cruz, the Jennifer Lopez of gay Mexican American comedians joins us to talk about Monorchism, you know, guys with one testicle

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VIDEO: Check Your Junk

Just a fun little reminder to check yourself for testicular cancer.

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Celebrity Nut Grab- UPDATED

We don’t speak Italian, but it’s easy to figure out what this Italian TV personality is up to as she gets a fistful of soccer star David Beckam’s family jewels! UPDATE- Andy Dick was arrested […]

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Drunk Man Ripped His Friend’s Testicles off

A 45 year old guy, 120kg Hans.O  went out drinking with his friend Alexander and drunk beer from afternoon until late at night. It was late when a drunk Hans unbuttoned the sleeping Alexander’s trousers […]

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