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FOF #2513 – Pumping Iron & Silicone

One of the most memorable people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show is bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce, who, after transitioning, went from competing in men’s bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding.

Today, Chris Tina Bruce joins us int home studio to talk about bodybuilding, her appearance on the National Geographic TV show Taboo and the most overlooked/overrated muscle building trends.

FOF #2331 – Even Bears Get the Blues

There’s no doubt that bears have foraged for themselves a supportive community in the dark woods of the gay forest, but it’s not always a jamboree- a new study says that many bears suffer from low self-esteem.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to look the perils and pleasures faced by the average gay bear and why Grumpy Bear was the smartest of all the Care Bears.

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VIDEO: Job Description: ”Titty Slapper”

If you want a fuller chest, butt, or face (I guess,) then this lady can slap you fuller.  Apparently she charges millions of Bhats (couple of dollars?) to slap the ugly out of you.  She […]

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VIDEO: You Wanna Cry? Just Watch This Video.

This is a video from Thailand.  This is an academy award worthy …  Health insurance ad.  Seriously, it’s so sad and sweet.

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VIDEO: Short Film – Floating Soccer Feild

Kids will do anything to have fun but these kids really put a lot of effort into their play! Watch this charming true story about a kid’s soccer team from a Thai village that floats […]

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Scientology Was Yesterday Say Hello the Dhammakaya Movement

The Dhammakāya movement is a Buddhist movement founded in Thailand in the 1970s. Its flamboyant ceremonies have become increasingly bold displays of power for this cult-like Buddhist group. Have a look inside of this multi-billion […]

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