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VIDEO: William Shatner on the Horrors of Frying a Turkey

William Shatner warns of the perils of deep frying a turkey. The best part is Shatner asking, “Where’s the dingle dangle?” But the CGI flames looks like he’s getting sucked into the nexus again.

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Move over Terducken You’ve Been Replaced

F you Terducken, you’ve been replaced with the TurBacon for Thanksgiving. I bet you thought you had an epic Thanksgiving didn’t you? WRONG!!!!! These guys made their Thanksgiving memorable by make a TurBacon, you’ve heard […]

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IMAGE: Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Casserole

We hope her Thanksgiving casserole isn’t made from leftovers from her meat dress.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Feast of Fun

Every single time Marc and I make Thanksgiving dinner with our family, I always think how Snoopy served Charlie Brown and his friends a dinner of toast, popcorn and jelly beans around a ping-pong table! […]

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FOF #1100 – It’s Turkey Lurkey Time

Gobble Gobble! Thanksgiving is just a day away and we’re looking back at some of the worst Thanksgivings ever- meal disasters, turkeys used as weapons and snack foods served as the main course. We’re also sharing ideas on how to make your holidays easy, breezy and stress free. Plus, Adam Lambert’s Showgirls Moment, our appearances on the radio, Levi Johnston’s naked pics, and Oprah cancels Christmas.

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Turkey Lurkey Time – Backwards Broadway

It’s Turkey Lurkey Time!  It’s Thanksgiving week in the US of A and everyone’s getting excited because it’s the start of the Holiday Season.  So in the spirit of the holidays, I’m sharing this incredible […]

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FOF #888 – Tom Goss is in the House!

What’s the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Either way, I can’t wait until my family arrives to start celebrating the holidays! To kick off the ‘Ving Break, we’ve got hunky musician Tom Goss to serenade you […]

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FOF #886 – Turkey in My Tummy

Gobble gobble! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with Tracy Tyler, our fabulous trannie gal pal from the suburbs of Chicago. Tracy’s here to find the true meaning of Thanksgiving- is it being grateful? […]

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