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FOF #2113 – A Cupid Steals Our Hearts

Tommy Holl’s Christmas elf costume was too good to put away for an entire year, so he’s re-purposed the red body suit for a Valentines’ Day Cupid, and lo and behold, he’s getting some serious gigs as a goodwill ambassador for love.

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FOF #2097 – Michelle Visage Wins Celebrity Big Brother UK

The time has come for Michelle Visage to give lip for her life! Our favorite judge from RuPaul’s Drag Race is on the new fairy tale themed season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, and let’s face it, she’s pretty much won the show.

Joining us today is “The Real Elf” Tommy Holl who spent the holidays dressed up in red tights for his second career as a Christmas media personality and mascot.

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FOF #2093 – All About that Elf, No Santa

Our friend Tommy Holl really enjoys spreading holiday queer by dressing as “The Real Elf” on the shelf. Unlike other elves, Tommy doesn’t rat out all the little girls and boys to Santa by spying on them over the holidays.

Today Tommy Holl joins us to share with us his hjjinks dressing up in red tights and wandering the shopping malls as the real elf.