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FOF #2678 – Grateful for the Nuts in the Fruitcake

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s not only time to stuff that turkey, it’s time to stuff our hearts with thanks to all the amazing people and things in our lives.

Today comedian Carma Nibarger joins us to say thanks to all the wonderful people and things in our lives.

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FOF #2310 – If You Can’t Love Yourself

Today we’re joined by Zach Stafford, who writes in the Guardian that although society has progressed in embracing us gender and sexually nonconforming folks, many of us still hold onto the self-hate and shame from before, with sometimes fatal consequences.

If you’re a fan of Zach’s work, catch him on the Daily Show tonight where he’ll be talking about dating and race relations.

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VIDEO: Sneak Preview of Lady Gaga on the Simpsons

Boy is this going to be a fun episode! Watch this now. Lady Gaga is scheduled to appear in a musical episode of the Simpsons on May 20th, wearing 18 different costumes in a 22 […]

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FOF #1580 – Vice Presidents Say the Darndest Things

Vice President Biden caused a commotion over the weekend by speaking out in support of marriage equality. Is this just a goof or is Obama ready to “evolve” into supporting full equality for everyone?

Comedian Kristin Clifford, who loves manatees, mystery novels and hanging out at weight watchers joins to talk about John Travolta’s masseur and Joe Biden’s opinion on marriage equality.

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Simpsons Christmas Cards Go Into the Future

The Simpsons did a spoof of their family Christmas cards that gave us a glimpse of the future. It’s fun seeing the Simpsons grow up and Lisa becoming a college lesbian in a polyamorous relationship.

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VIDEO: The Simpsons Couch Gag Takes a Dark Turn

The Simspons opening credits take a dark turn, showing what might be the real-life working conditions for the people in Asian countries that work to make the animated TV show happen. Yes, they use dolphin […]

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Who’s Behind that ‘Simpsons’ Voice

If you love the Simpsons, you probably realize that most of the voices of the characters are done by just a handful voice actors.

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FOF #1120 – Gay Marriage Showdown

Today Federal courts in California could decide the future of gay marriage in the United States. Our cute gay ex-Mormon friend J Seth Anderson joins us to chat about marriage equality and polygamy and what, if anything, the Mormons have in common with the gays.

In the news: the Simpsons air their 20th anniversary episode, hi-jinks with the gay Chicago press, a Chicago lesbian bar closes, Nevada legalizes gay prostitution, and an intersected crime lord.

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