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FOF #1697 – Real Life Precious

Some people’s lives are just filled with drama. Maybe it’s just bad luck, or maybe they are attracted to conflict like lesbians are to a vegan potluck. Either way, what do you with life’s horrible experiences says a lot about your character.

Today, comedian Caitlin Bergh joins us to talk about her hair-raising experiences with falling in love and working as a social worker.

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Queer Activists Respond to Transphobic Opinion Piece in NZ Newspaper

New Zealand-based activist group The Queer Avengers staged a protest outside the offices of local paper The Dominion Post to take them to task for publishing an opinion piece earlier this week which denigrated trans […]

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FOF #1285 – Tracy Tyler’s Gifts and Colors for the Holidays

It seems like the holiday season creeps into the stores earlier each year – before you know it, we’ll be preparing for next year’s Christmas before this one is even over. Today our trantastic gal-pal Tracy Tyler shares her gift giving ideas, what colors are hot for the holidays and the perils of tying a major celebrity to your product.

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The Pregnant Man Is the New Octo-Mom

OMG! Thomas Beatie is pregnant again! This is his third child. Will he become the new Octo-Mom? Beatie, a transgender male, made international headlines when he wrote an article for The Advocate in March 2008, […]

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Big Love: New Trans, Bear-ish Guy Planning to Have a Baby

Move over Thomas Beatie! Scott Moore along with his also trans, bearish hubby Thomas are planning to be the next power couple to have a baby. The case is similar to that of Thomas Beatie, […]

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