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FOF #1988 – Keep Calm and April Carrión

Although she didn’t make it to the top three on RuPaul’s Drag Race, April Carrión certainly charmed many of us, especially guest judge Adam Lambert whose sweet exchange with April on the show made Michelle Visage yell at them “get a room.”

Today the fabulous Boriqua, April Carrión, joins us to talk about getting into drag during art school, growing up as one of three gay brothers and working at her grandma’s bakery in the mountains of Puerto Rico.

FOF #1975 – Phi Beta Kai Kai

OMG! Another hilarious sorority letter is making the rounds on the internet, this one implores young women to have lots of sex, swallow loads, get drunk and then judge others for being sluts.

Today the fabulous Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at this outrageous letter and the controversy over Alaska’s comedy video getting yanked off the Huffington Post for depicting violence towards a transgender character.

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FOF #1968 – Signs You’re a Basic Gay Bitch

These days, about the biggest way you can insult someone is by calling them boring. Normal. Basic Bitches, a hip-hop slang is getting big on the internet: #basicbitches. A basic bitch is someone who thinks they are brilliant innovators, when in reality are just following the herd.

Joining us is one of the most basic gay bitches we know, Tommy Holl to take a look at why we worry about the reasons why we like things. Are you a basic gay bitch?

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FOF #1960 – Alaska and the Dangers of Being a Drag Queen

A new study reveals that celebrities and famous athletes die sooner than everyone else. You may be better off being a smoker than being as famous as Lindsay Lohan.

Today she-lebrity rock-star Alaska Thunderfuck, one of the top three from Season Five of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to take a look at the perils of a career in entertainment and the dangers of being a drag queen.

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FOF #1958 – The Healing Power of Music

There’s something powerful about music. A new study reveals that people suffering from Alzheimers and other forms of dementia can dramatically improve their brain functions simply by singing their favorite show tunes.

Today our little Broadway baby Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at the wonderful ways music heals the brain and what your favorite kind of music says about you.

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FOF #1951 – How to Bring Home a Drunk Irish Man on St. Patrick’s Day

One of the nation’s biggest drinking holidays is St. Patrick’s Day, which brings out all the rowdy, sloppy drunk people looking for their own box of lucky charms.

Today our very special little leprechaun of love Tommy Holl joins us to share his tricks on getting a drunk, bi-curious guy to share his pot of gold.

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FOF #1931 – Sochi Olympics Disaster

Girl, shit has hit the fan in Russia. Olympic sized shit! With Russia’s anti-gay laws and violence towards its own LGBT people, the games were already controversial and now it looks like all hell is breaking loose.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl– who sounds a little hoarse because he drank some of the that Olympic golden water.

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FOF #1918 – Love is a Verb

What’s the key to a happy relationship? Be gay, childless, or make a hot cup of tea.

A new study on relationships reveals that actions, not words matter a lot. And that generally gay folks are much more content with each other than straight folks.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl, who shortly after our show got himself on the local morning news as the real elf on the shelf and now might actually have a career as a Christmas elf.

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FOF #1908- Beating Off the Christmas Blues

Why does every Christmas song have to point out that Christmas is here? Like we can’t tell it’s Christmas time already with all the halls decked out with holly and mistletoe hanging over the doorstep. Hell, even the calendar that tells us it’s coming!

Christmas sure can be quite annoying!

Today, the Real Elf on the Shelf, Tommy Holl, joins us to take a crack at beating off the holiday blues.

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FOF #1903 – Lose a Pinky, Win Marriage Equality

It’s official! Governor Pat Quinn just signed the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, making Illinois the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage!

Hundreds of couples, families, and politicians joined us to watch the celebratory signing where we ran into our hilarious friend Tommy Holl, who recently beat cancer on his left pinky finger. No joke, his little pinky finger was trying to kill him. Tommy won and the little digit is now history.

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