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FOF #1489 – Laugh It Off

Rapper T.I. is under fire for saying in an interview that gay people are “too sensitive” and “not American” in a response to the outrage over Tracy Morgans anti-gay jokes. How can you be the butt of other people’s jokes and enjoy laughing at yourself without becoming a doormat for haters?

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Adam Corolla: When Did We Start Giving a Sh!t About [Gays]?”

Tracy Morgan’s rant was awful, but it was probably intended to be a self-aware joke.  Even those, like me, who thought it was hurtful and harmful to our community generally recognize that this terrible joke […]

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FOF #1401 – Inside Madonna’s Aerobics Studio

Rumors were spreading that Madonna was to make a guest appearance on Inside the Actors Studio opposite the deliciously serious James Lipton. Sadly, it was all just gossip.

Today we recreate the hilarity that could have been by having the world’s best Madonna impersonator, the woman of a 1000 voices, Nadya Ginsburg channel an in-depth interview between Lipton and Madonna.

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