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FOFA #742 – Live from Steamworks

We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on Earth,” also known as Steamworks on 3246 N Halsted Street in Chicago.

Listen as Jim Pickett, Tracy Tyler, Sal-E and his surprise guest Teriyaki, Marc Felion and me, Fausto Fernós share our wit and wisdom with the good people at Steamworks.

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FOFA #680 – Do You Believe

Tracy Tyler’s aura is purple because a friend told her it is. Some people believe that everyone has a paranormal “glow” around them and the color of this glow reveals a lot about their personality and ultimately their destiny. Depending on which school of crazy you go to, some folks glow yellow, while others are pink and purple. Does anyone have a polka dotted aura?

(Originally posted on 01.10.08)

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FOF #940 – Steamworks Spectacular

Let’s all go to Steamworks! On today’s show we pick up our microphones and head on down to the sexiest place on earth- Steamworks gym sauna and baths to put on a show. Listen to […]

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FOFA #772 – Mask On!

I simply can’t stop looking at, one of my all-time favorite websites. Mask-on is a support site dedicated to trannies who like to “mask.” “Maskers” enjoy cross-dressing as women by using masks instead of […]

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FOF #923 – Spring Awakening

Spring is just around the corner and we have our pretty song bird Tracy Tyler here to chirp away the winter blues. Our suburban trannie gal pal is here to share the hot new spring […]

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FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

Christmas is the season for stalking hot men! Tracy loves to seek hunky men from her past on the internet, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Some call it cruising, some call it social […]

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FOF #886 – Turkey in My Tummy

Gobble gobble! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with Tracy Tyler, our fabulous trannie gal pal from the suburbs of Chicago. Tracy’s here to find the true meaning of Thanksgiving- is it being grateful? […]

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FOF #871 – Autumn Nights

Today we fly blind into the eye of the storm of consciousness with our delicious friend Tracy Tyler, who shares with us the juicy details of her romantic encounters last weekend. From time to time […]

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FOF #863 – Tip Toeing with Tracy

What are you wearing for Halloween? We’re going as panda bears. On today’s show Tracy Tyler, everybody’s favorite Trannie on the internet, shares her thoughts on dressing up for Halloween and our fabulous What Not […]

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What Not to Wear – Viewing Party!

Clips from our viewing party taken at Hydrate in Chicago, Friday Oct. 17. On a sad note,

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