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FOF #772 – Mask On!

I simply can’t stop looking at, one of my all-time favorite websites. Mask-on is a support site dedicated to trannies who like to “mask.” “Maskers” enjoy cross-dressing as women by using masks instead of […]

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FOF #750 – Transgender Menace

I am a woman, ok? Tracy is in a bit of a quandry. Our modern day suburban tranny Tracy Tyler is in a bit of a stick since she got cast as a man in […]

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FOF #742 – Live from Steamworks

It’s the show you’ve all been waiting for, our LIVE podcast from Steamworks! Of all places indeed. We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on […]

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FOF #738 – Big Girl Party

Every weekend in the burbs of Chicago, big girls and their admirers get together for a party and two weekends ago our large and in charge pal Tracy Tyler attended and was the belle of […]

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FOF #723 – Sing a Happy Song

Tracy Tyler is confused. She can’t seem to figure out what song to sing for Good Friday. And for that matter, just WHEN is Good Friday anyways? Tuesday? Saturday? Friday? That sounds just too obvious. […]

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FOF #711 – Oscarcast 2008

I have Oscar Fever! Literally, because I drank too much cheap champagne last night. Owww. Despite torrential downpours, the writers strike and the threat of the Westboro Baptist Church picketing, the “Superbowl for Gays,” the […]

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FOF #708 – The True Flavor of Love

It’s amazing what our lovely tranny friend Tracy can do with her voice! On today’s show Tracy Tyler surprises us all by demonstrating how she can go effortlessly from femme to butch. Listen in as […]

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FOF #707 – Transadmiration

Tracy is a popular gal with all the trannie chasing, straight identified men. Who can blame them? Tracy has it all, a lovely outgoing personality, a head on her shoulders and a voluptuous body that […]

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FOF #706 – Love Stories of Joy and Horror

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some it’s a great time to celebrate passion and romance, but for many it’s a time to feel lonely and isolated from the world around them. You know […]

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FOF #702 – The 702 Club

It’s hard to believe that we are into our fourth year of podcasting! With so many shows under our belt we decided to assemble a clip show to commemorate the good times. Welcome to the […]

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