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FOF #2007 – Obama Steps His Pussy Up

When we said this year would a whopper for trans rights, we weren’t kidding. President Obama announced an executive order extending employment protections to federal employees on the basis of gender identity.

Joining us today is Parker Marie Molloy, who writes about LGBT news for the Advocate, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. Parker was recently granted the 30 Under 30 award at a public ceremony where she proudly announced to the bewilderment of the crowd that she had a penis.

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FOF #1966 – Calpernia Tells it Like it Is

Right now there’s a lot of heated discussion happening over trans language and respect, most of it focusing on pop culture and media– with Calpernia Addams caught in the middle of it, as a Hollywood consultant and as a trans woman.

Listen as we talk with Calpernia Addams about why she’s been misquoted and maligned lately as just a “drag queen” and a sell-out.

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FOF #1935 – I Dare You to Offend Me! Win $200

As the unstoppable engine of Marriage Equality chugs forward in 2014, we can look forward to an exciting discussion on LGBT workplace equality, especially when it comes to trans folks. But here’s the catch: not all trans people agree on what equality means for them.

Joining us today is comedian Jeffrey Jay who has quite a bit to say about all the attention trans folks have been getting lately. Jeffrey tours colleges across the country and dares his audience to ask him offensive questions about being trans. If someone hurts his feelings he says he’ll pay them $200.

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FOF #1060 – Sorry, I’m Not Gay

Comedian Adam Guerino talks about how he’s usually the first gay man many straight guys meet and that after his performance they compellingly tell him “sorry guy, I’m not gay.” Hunters, a gay bar in the suburbs of Chicago implements a new rule asking customers to show ID that matches their “gender representation” in efforts to reduce prostitution at their bar.

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