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Queer Activists Respond to Transphobic Opinion Piece in NZ Newspaper

New Zealand-based activist group The Queer Avengers staged a protest outside the offices of local paper The Dominion Post to take them to task for publishing an opinion piece earlier this week which denigrated trans […]

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FOF #1508 – The Transgressive Comedy of Jeffrey Jay

Jeffrey Jay could not resist returning to his comedy roots after transitioning from female to male. Today Jeffrey cultivates a following as one of the few transgender stand up comedians in the country.

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VIDEO: Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People

Looks like 2012 is kicking off to be the year of “shit people say” videos of every color of the rainbow. Here’s the latest by Hugh Jasoll and Black Dahlia Parton, two fab trans folks […]

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VIDEO: Transphobic Tampon Ads – Pull the Plug, Already!

So! Libra is a company that sells tampons and other feminine hygiene products in the Australasian region (they operate internationally under the name “Libresse”). They’ve rung in the New Year with a controversial new ad. […]

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Warren Beatty Embraces Transgender Son Stephen

Apologies for the linked article quality (it’s the Daily Mail, after all), but this was a nice bit of holiday news. Actor and legendary player Warren Beatty is finally coming around to accept his son […]

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RIP Carmen Rupe, Queer Icon of Aotearoa-New Zealand

Legendary Maori performer Carmen Rupe has passed away after months of ill health at the age of 75. Throughout the various articles published on her life and death, she is alternately referred to as “transgender” […]

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New Zealand Pizza Chain Catches Hell for Transphobic Cookie Fortune

It’s a cute enough idea: “misfortune cookies”. An incredibly clever friend of mine even came up with a bunch of his own: ‘They all know what you did.’ ‘It shows even when you part your […]

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PHOTO: Transgender Self Portait Alien Baby

I’m sure coming out for a trams person full time is a cause for celebration, but this self portrait just makes me think of Alien monsters popping out of people’s bodies. Did you know two […]

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Indian Doctor Performed Over 300 Sex Changes to Young Girls in India

Because men have more power and opportunities in India, parents are paying this doctor to change the sex of their daughters to boys.  This is such an awful awful twist in miracle that allows transgendered […]

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VIDEO: Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia. Transgender activists in Russia are making their contribution to the international LGBT movement. In this video, GayRussia activist Anna Komarova talks about some of the ground-breaking activities taking […]