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FOF #2243 – Halloween Hangover

Halloween is over, and all across the land drag queens and club kids are breathing a sigh of relief, kicking off their heels and wondering how they managed to survive October.

Joining us is the pussy popping, death dropping The Vixen- one of Chicago’s hottest drag queens. If you haven’t’ seen her turning it out as an Alien queen at the Neverland Party you’re missing out.

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FOF #1809 – Punching the Clock

Sooner or later everyone gets bored at work and they wouldn’t mind spicing things it up a bit. Some get frisky in the broom closet with their co-workers while others take meetings with special clients on their lunch break. Others just take matters into their own hands.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about getting it on at your day job- risky!

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Parklets – A Tiny But Fabulous Chunk of Nature

Everybody loves parks, but not every neighborhood has enough of them. Here’s a new Kickstarter project I think is going to catch on, say hello to parklets, tiny but fabulous chunks of nature, quickly installed […]

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A Tree just for the Gays

The amazing Rainbow eucalyptus tree will definitely make you stop and take another look. Most trees that I know are just brown…or perhaps white as in the birch tree, but this eucalyptus tree is definitely […]

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Sex or Die for Trees

What the sci-fi geeks have always known about clones! You can’t clone something indefinitely. Certain trees are able to clone themselves, but they can’t do it forever. Scientists have found that genetic mutations gradually build […]

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