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FOF #2770 – Put the Dress in the Window

When it comes to making your dreams come true, it helps to ruthlessly chase after them. But, if your dream is to be in a relationship, then you might just want to cool your jets a little bit. You gotta put the dress in the window, but don’t force someone to wear it. Unless they’re into forced feminization.

Today comedian Rachel Hall joins us to talk about the ruthless pursuit of romance and how to get in a relationship when it seems no one is interested in you.

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Smuggling Feathered Budgies

This guy put away his gerbil, and then stuffed his pants with hummingbirds.  He got caught smuggling the swaddled hummingbirds by the TSA who put pics of his passengers and his barely covered pecker online. […]

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VIDEO: Merry Christmas from the TSA

Seasons Greetings from the TSA better known as “Total Sexual Assault.”

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VIDEO: Japanese TSA Skit

I have no idea what this guy is really saying in Japanese, but I can imagine.  He is hilarious.  This video is the Japanese interpretation of the new TSA pat down.

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