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FOF #2048 – Back to School

Never in the history of the modern world has it been so hard to get into college and so expensive to get an education. But just because the odds are stacked against you, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good education, a nice job, a car and a man or a woman or both.

Today we give you a no nonsense look at the harsh reality of getting a college education today, with some simple, practical tips on keeping it cheap and making the most of your degree.

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FOF #1861 – Love to Love You Baby

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?

That’s real nice advice coming from RuPaul, but how do you even start to love yourself?

Most people’s problems don’t stem from a lack of desire to make things better, it comes from not knowing where to begin. On top of that, all of advertising is counting on you feeling lousy about yourself.

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FOF #1668 – The Desperation of Ann Romney

Queens love a woman on the edge, so drag queen Mimi Imfurst made a video of Ann Romney losing her shit, Chris Crocker style, and it’s gone viral. Today, Mimi Imfurst joins us to talk about why Ann Romney is a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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FOF #1599- Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse

The very tasty and very funny Bill Cruz joins us to take a look at the recent unbelievable cannibal news stories that have people wondering is this the dawn of a zombie apocolypse?

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Asexual Artist Cooks and Serves Own Genitals at Public Banquet

An artist in Tokyo cooked and served his own surgically removed genitals to a group of paying customers while a crowd watched on. It all started with a simple tweet: ““Please retweet. I am offering […]

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FOF #1530 – Peaches Christ Will Save Hollywood

With Hollywood trying to shut down the Internet, should the Internet boycott the Oscars?

Today film maker, drag queen Peaches Christ talks about how the entertainment industry can save itself by focusing on the interactive experience of a movie goer. The demand for audiences who want to have a rich, intense group experience like her Midnight Mass shows are growing.

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FOF #1488 – Is Lady Gaga Listening To Me?

There’s a lot of fabulous things to be grateful for over Thanksgiving weekend- from the new Muppets film to Lady Gaga’s special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” which matches closely a lot of the things we asked Gaga to do on the podcast this summer. Is Lady Gaga a listener or just well connected?

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VIDEO: Twitter After the Zombie Apocalypse

A wry look at #zombies after the zombie apocalypse.

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VIDEO: Cher is Awesome on Twitter, Lady Gaga as Elvira and Should We Become Gay Missionaries?

If you love Cher’s music, you’ll love her delightfully crazy tweets. Check out our video series as we examine all the hot news and more.

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Microsoft apologizes for tacky Amy Winehouse tweet, but not really

With a messy sensibility to make even Lady Bunny blush, Microsoft’s PR department layed a colossal egg when they tweeted hours after Amy Winehouse’s death the great savings her fans could get on her music […]

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