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FOF #1321 – Civil Unions Come to Illinois

Hooray for Illinois as Governor Pat Quinn signs civil unions into law! Illinois is now one of a dozen states with significant legal protections for same-sex couples.

And yet, some are saying that it’s simply more Jim Crow laws, creating a second class status for people locked out of Federal marriage rights. Listen as we talk about Carol Mosley Braun knows who’s on crack and SNL’s controversial trans skits.

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PHOTO: Madea Is the Real Black Swan

Love Madea as the Black Swan, but if she killed herself at the end of Swan Lake you know she’d take a few of those swan bitches with her. And that prince, he’d have been the first go because she’d have whacked him with a frying pan so hard grits would have come out his eyeballs.

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VIDEO: Eliza Skinner Loves Tyler Perry

Eliza tries out for one of the few white roles in a Tyler Perry movie

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FOF #1289 – For Gay Boys

Can Tyler Perry bring to life one of the most important works about the black female experience? After all, he’s best known for playing Madea, which some people classify as a characature of black woman. So, does he have the depth? Believe or not, our answer is “oh yes, baby!”

Join us as we talk about our experience seeing “For Colored Girls,” plus, all the hot news.

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Precious Based on the Novel ”Push” by Sapphire

The power of Oprah compels you.  Resistance is definitely futile. Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire is, in case you have been living under a rock, the Oprah certified, Tyler Perry approved (and […]

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