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My Little Pony: Cosplay is Magic

I will not be satisfied until I see someone wearing one of these pony or unicorn wigs out in public. If not for Glitter Day, then for Gay Pride!

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Sweet Desire: A Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman

Somewhere, in a moderately priced hotel on Sunset Blvd., Steven Tyler is jacking off to this.

IMAGE: Charlie Sheen as a Gay Unicorn

Photoshop is a wonderful thing. — Source

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My Bloody Valentine

It’s not as nice as Rei’s, but for some people, nothing says love like a black velvet painting of a panda eating a unicorn. My original painting already sold on Etsy, but if any of […]

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VIDEO: Unicorn Drag Act

It’s in Spanish but you don’t need to speak the language to enjoy it. If I understand this performance correctly, a diva kills herself and is reincarnated as a unicorn who then battles the forces […]

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VIDEO: Serenading Unicorn Sings Culture Club

I love this unicorn puppet singing Culture Club on the lush seascape set.

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