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FOF #2475 – Don’t Do What Daphne Dumount Does

Daphne Dumount done fucked up drag, but as we’ve said repeatedly, it’s all right, because drag is all about shaking things up or down.

This Saturday, here in Chicago at The Call, Marc’s pulling Daphne Dumount out of storage and putting her to work. But is she really ready for it?

Today, comedian Cody Melcher joins us to to look at common mistakes drag queens make and what are some easy tricks to dazzle the audience into forgetting you’re just a dude in a wig.

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Get the Fabulous Obama Unicorn Rainbow Pride T-Shirt

Who can resist getting this fabulous t-shirt of President Obama riding a unicorn while shooting rainbows out of his hands?

Order yours now and save $10. Sale ends Friday.

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High School Has Unicorn Pride

The New Braunfels High School has a unicorn as a mascot. How great is that?

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Lady Gaga Loves Unicorns

Surprise, surprise! Lady Gaga loves unicorns!

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James Van Der Beek: Unicorn Hunter

Ke$ha Blows.

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