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FOF #2048 – Back to School

Never in the history of the modern world has it been so hard to get into college and so expensive to get an education. But just because the odds are stacked against you, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good education, a nice job, a car and a man or a woman or both.

Today we give you a no nonsense look at the harsh reality of getting a college education today, with some simple, practical tips on keeping it cheap and making the most of your degree.

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VIDEO: Male, Chinese Cheerleader Bringin’ Some Heat!

I’m not sure about much with respect to this video.  I took it from Huffpo where is says the video came from which is the Chinese version of youtube and this happened at a […]

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Class on Lady Gaga Offered at U of South Carolina

“Professor Goes Gaga” over Lady Gaga! After becoming obsessed with Lady Gaga, professor Mathieu Deflem created a class to discuss her rise to fame! Supposedly, the focus is more on the sociology aspects instead of […]

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Not quite what you’d expect…

I know you’re expecting me to tell you all about the Prop 8 ruling coming out of California’s Northern District Federal Court in the Perry V Schwarzenegger case; but I already know there’s going to […]

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