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VIDEO: Suck And Moan Episode 1: “It Begins…”

I’m very excited by this new web series “Suck and Moan” produced by Joel Bryant about zombies contaminating the the food supply for the vampires. As a bonus, it features his wife Deven Green of […]

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VIDEO: Twilight Spoof, Vampires Suck, is Also Pretty Hot!

LOL  This movie looks ridiculous, but funny and kinda hot too. lol  I can’t wait. Youtube, has some hotter clips too. P.S. Jacob is SOOOO the best.  Edward is Ichabod Crane.

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Lady Gaga’s Gay Vampire “Teeth” Video- Updated Video

Lady Gaga’s not waiting around for gay guys to do tribute videos like Shakira’s She-Wolf, she’s doing it herself! So she’s riding two waves, the gay men doing the diva song waves and also the […]

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