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FOF #1905 – Remembering Victoria Lamarr

The early days of the Internet attracted a lot of quirky personalities, including our dear friend and drag queen Victoria Lamarr, who was one of the first video bloggers.

Sadly, Victoria Lamarr went to drag queen heaven, where the shows only start just 15 minutes late to a sold out crowd, and everyone tips the girls.

Today we celebrate Victoria Lamarr and take a look back on her remarkable life as an accidental internet pioneer with her quirky music and viral videos

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Farewell Victoria Lamarr – RIP

Sad news folks- our dear friend Victoria Lamarr, born Matthew Bogseth passed on to the fabulous celestial plane today. She was a close friend and drag mom & sister to many. She will be remembered forever as one of the earliest video bloggers. RIP V-MARR.

Click here to learn more about this remarkable person’s life.

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VIDEO: Extreme Beauty Secrets – Facials

Our latest, scariest and funniest drag video. How to get a beauty expert to give you an extreme dermabrasion and lip plumping for simply pennies per person! Do not try this at home. These are professional drag queens on a demented course.

Watch as Saltina Obama Bouvier and her pal Victoria Lamarr give their friend Daphne Dumount an extreme facial makeover during their pumping party, one she’ll never forget.

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FOF #1385 – Trannypocalypse Now

Judgement day came and went without a hitch, and if you’re listening to this show and didn’t jump off a cliff, you might be wondering, what happened? Are we in hell, or was Belinda Carlisle right all along- oooh heaven is a place on earth.

Today we’re introducing two of our favorite tranny gal pals to each other for the first time- Victoria Lamarr and Tracy Tyler, who have up to now, occupied different spaces in our lives.

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FOF #1363 – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s got a secret! Want to know what it is? For the past month she’s been transitioning to living full-time as a woman.

For V-Marr, this is a new a new chapter in her life. For us, it’s having a friend we’ve known for years come to the realization that they are happier as a woman. This doesn’t happen every day.

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VIDEO: Victoria Lamarr Comes Out, Again

Victoria Lamarr comes out once again as a trans woman. Tomorrow on the podcast you’ll hear the entire story.

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FOFA #1021 – The Dumpster Diving Drag Queen

A classic podcast featuring Victoria Lamarr doing what she does best- wrestling with the pronunciation of Rod Blagojevich’s name.

V-Marr figures out where the famously impeached Governor lives and dives through his dumpster in search of hidden treasures! What bounty does she find?

Originally posted on 07.10.09

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Feast of Fools Holiday XXX-Mas Spectacular

Created way back in 2005, we put together this wacky “silent film” of our bizarre twisted version of the Nutcracker, featuring Victoria Lamarr, Amanda, Marc Felion, Taylor E Ross and me, Fausto Fernós.

We made this video in anticipation of iTunes and iPods supporting video playback. At the time YouTube didn’t exist, and iTunes had only been supporting audio podcast subscriptions for several months.

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Buy a T-Shirt, Get a Drag Queen

In honor of being nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, we’re throwing a special deal just for today! Get the new “Ray of Light” Feast of Fun t-shirts and receive for free a personalized, […]

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FOF #1093 – Less Than Zero

Voting begins today in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! Feast of Fun is thrilled to be nominated for two prizes this year, Best GLBT podcast and the top category of People’s Choice. Please vote once every day until November 30.

Victoria Lamarr joins us to wiegh in on the news: Carrie Prejean meltdown, Lou Dobbs quits CNN, Levi Johnston’s chilly photoshoot, Susan Powter’s crazy blog and Google to support full resolution high definition videos.

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