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FOF #2236 – Eat, Drink Jeffrey Jay

Before becoming one of America’s top comedians, Jeffrey Jay came out as trans at the CIA, not the waterboarding organization but the Culinary Institute of America where he studied confectionary arts.

Listen as Jeffrey talks about dressing up in drag for Halloween to confuse people, his obsession with cooking competition TV shows and why he wants Cooking with Drag queens to not only survive, but to thrive.

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Reclusive Millionairess Dies Aged 104

Hughette Clark, whose father made a fortune in the 19th century copper trade, has died aged 104 in New York City. The last known photograph of her was taken eight decades ago and for the […]

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Scrooge McDuck- Richest Fictional Character

Scrooge McDuck has been named by Forbes as the richest fictional character with his total wealth placed at $44 billion. he’s aha banner year because of of the increase in the price of gold, which […]

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