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FOF #2203 – The Incredibly Inspiring Amanda Lepore

Many of our favorite artists find nightclub personality Amanda Lepore to be a great source of inspiration. Despite her posh image, Amanda Lepore still remains a demure, enigmatic woman who reveals very little about her own mystique.

Today Amanda Lepore joins us to talk about her love for glamour and nudity.

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FOF #1996 – Adore Delano is Ready to Party

After winning our hearts on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Adore Delano is rocking the top of iTunes’ dance chart with her new album “Til Death Do Us Party” which comes out today.

Listen as America’s favorite chola talks about things that we didn’t get to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race, like her fight with Milk and the makeover squirrel challenge.

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FOF #1866 – Fund my Big Fat Gay Wedding

Physique model Eric Turner and his South African boyfriend Morné Coetzer endured a heap of negative attention when a gossip blog harshly criticized them for crowdsourcing part of their wedding costs so that one of the groom’s parents could attend their wedding in South Africa.

Joining us today is comedian Megan Gailey, who despite being single and loving to go to parties, isn’t exactly thrilled to be invited to so many, many wedding thrown by her friends.

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FOF #1848 – An Accidental Bridesmaid

With the avalanche of marriage equality moving forward, many people are suddenly finding themselves invited to weddings of friends they thought would never tie the knot.

Today the hilarious Megan Gailey joins us to talk about how to have a wonderful time at your friends’ weddings, tips on being the perfect guest and how to take home the hottest man at the reception.

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FOF #1819 – Doomsday for DOMA

Good news everyone! Just in time for Pride, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and told the backers of Prop 8 “you have no power here. Be gone!”

The Supreme Court decided that DOMA had to go because it put same-sex couples in the unstable position of being in a demeaning, second-tier marriage and humiliates tens of thousands of children being raised by same sex couples.

The Prop 8 ruling took a more hands off approach, leaving in place a trial court’s declaration that California’s voters ban was unconstitutional.

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