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PHOTOS: Justin Beiber and Will Smith Covered in White Stuff

Alongside Will Smith, Justin Beiber got slimed last night at Nickelodeons Kid’s Choice Awards. Some say it was glorious, but I think it looks very odd to cover any person on TV with a thick […]

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PHOTO: Strange and Sexy Hazing Ritual

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m kind of turned on by these four frat guys who shaved their heads to make some sort of face. You be the nose, I’ll be the […]

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VIDEO: Italian Pop-Opera Boy Band?

Gianluca Ginoble (16), Ignazio Boschetto (17) and Piero Barone (18): baby-faced, Italian, teenage pop-opera group: Il Volo. Jimmy Iovine, manager of the Black Eyed Peas, AC/DC and Lady Gaga, thinks Il Volo is going to […]

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Video: Up on the Pole

3 Divas from Australia get down on 5 meter flexible rods.

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Quirky St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing- -and to inform you of a strange St. Patty’s Day celebration in New London, WI: the St. Patrick’s Day […]

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“Not Guilty” Verdict for Three Gays in Bizzare Murder Conspiracy

It wasn’t a murder trial, but a trial to see if the straight victim’s three housemates, who lived in a three-way relationship, had conspired to hide evidence of the murder. Strange right? Just wait, it […]

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IMAGES: Pedo Pope and Rainbow Cupcake

Not sure why I’m posting the new Pedo-Pope and this rainbow cupcake, but they seem to go well together.

Non-Weird Japanese Commercial

…Just kidding! Of course it’s bat-shit crazy! In this one, a creepy man-dog-doll thing reminds a young boy to eat his crisps.

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Bananas Exploding on Face

#7 is the best.

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Will Karin Dreijer Start a Cold War of Weird with Lady Gaga?

I had to laugh when I saw Swedish pop star Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray accept an award, slowly lurching up to the stage in a Lady Gaga inspired red burqua, revealing her melted, plastic […]

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