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FOF #2287A – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Drag Queens

Sooner or later every drag queen who is sexually active has to tell the folks they are hooking up with that a big part of their home is chock full of sequins, wigs, gowns and make-up.

Today we’re joined by Joan Waters, love child of John Waters and Joan Cusack to talk about the not so secret sex lives of drag queens. What does Joan tell the fellas about her long blue fingernails?

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FOF #2287B – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Drag Queens

In Part two of the secret sex lives of drag queens we continue our conversation with Joan Waters about how drag queens use their feminine wiles to seduce men.

Plus, what Joan said to patrons at the sports bar she works at about the Superbowl and a group of Chicago Witches put a hex on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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FOF #1754 – Macho Macho Man

Most gay men who’ve ever gone on a dating site or hook-up ap are sooner or later asked by someone “are you masculine?” For some guys it’s a befuddling question because their not quite sure how to answer it.

Today, we’re talking about masculinity and why it seems to matter a lot to people looking for love or sex. And could your quest for the masculine ideal be blocking you from finding true happiness?

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FOF #1623 – You Can’t Go Wrong with Manila Luzon

One of the most celebrated drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race is Manila Luzon who dazzles with her colorful themed outfits, inspired by Big Bird, taxi cabs and even Ronald McDonald.

Today Manila Luzon talks about the insane things she had to do to get on RuPaul’s Drag Race, all the conspiracies and how she keeps getting bugged by queens to digitally retouch their photos.

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FOF #1527 – Dancing with the Devil – Part 1

Nicky Minaj’s outrageous performance at the Grammys has left many wondering if she was trying to “out freak” Lady Gaga while evangelicals are accusing her of being in league with the Devil.

Comedian Brian Sweeney, who works at the lay away counter at a retail store on Chicago’s south side, joins us to look at music’s weird relationship with Christianity’s ultimate bad guy- Satan.

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VIDEO: I Will Always Love You… From Hell!

If Whitney return from the dead that’s how her performance will look like: The quality of the video is not the best, but that’s the best performance. There are some other videos with better quality […]

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FOF #1524 – We Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

Sad and shocking. Whitney Houston, in town for the Grammys, was found dead Saturday in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was 48 years old.

Today we take a look at the bittersweet memories and give good love to one of pop music’s greatest singers, everywoman Whitney Houston.

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FOF #1461 – The War Against Testosterone

One of the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to health and gender is the role hormones play in our bodies.

Too often bad behavior is blamed on testosterone, when in reality the human body is a very complex system and lack of testosterone can be detrimental to our health.

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VIDEO: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Everyone’s rocking with Irv and Pat from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who are becoming a viral superstars in their senior years. Just goes to prove you’re never to old to have fun.

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