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VIDEO: Creepy Whitney Houston Lip Sync – Phillipines

Stick with it at least till the first high note… though like me, you will probably stay for the rest after that. Slow to start for 20 seconds, and you can’t embiggen the video…but had […]

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FOF #999 – 999 is 666 in Bizzaro World

We’re excited! We’re just one show away from our 1000th podcast spectacular, but today’s the last show ever to have three digits in the title. So if this messes up your iPod like a Y2K […]

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Jim Bennet’s Gay Voice

After the GayCo Show “Whitney Houston We Have a Problem!” we talked to Chicago funnyman Jim Bennet about his wonderful “gay voiced” character, a powerful media mogul who just doesn’t seem to like anything he […]

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FOF #760 – If It Ain’t GayCo, Don’t Fix It

Aren’t they cute? Comedians Jim Bennet and Andy Eninger from GayCo, the Chicago based queer comedy troupe join us today to celebrate over a decade of fun-filled shows. GayCo began as a lesbigay focused workshop […]

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