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FOF #2989 – Matt Brown Takes on the Dave Chappelle Controversy

You’ve probably already heard about the controversy or even weighed in on Dave Chappelle’s final comedy special for Netflix, The Closer, where the comedy legend spends most of the hour taking an irreverent and critical look at the collective struggle of LGBTQ folks.

Today comedian Matt Brown, Ms Brown if you’re nasty, joins us to take a look at Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer” and the surrounding controversy around his comments on LGBTQ plus folks and trans bodies.

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FOF #2406 – Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

Suzy Wong, the drag-queen alter ego of Arnold Myint, just got her own All-Stars crown, nabbing the top tiara from one of the world’s top drag pageants, Miss Gay America 2017.

A busy gal, Suzy Wong has long juggled many plates – drag queen, professional skater, and reality TV personality with appearances on “Top Chef,” the “Food Network Star Season 11” and “Chopped Junior” as a judge.

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FOF #2233 – The Greatest, Most Ridiculous Story Ever Told

When you take a closer look at it, most religious books are full of ridiculous inconsistencies that require a whole lot more than just a leap of faith.

Today, writer Chris Matheson, best known as the Co-Creator of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure joins us to discuss his new book “The Story of God, a Biblical Comedy about Love & Hate.”

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VIDEO: William Shatner on the Horrors of Frying a Turkey

William Shatner warns of the perils of deep frying a turkey. The best part is Shatner asking, “Where’s the dingle dangle?” But the CGI flames looks like he’s getting sucked into the nexus again.

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VIDEO: William Shatner Performs “It Was a Very Good Year”

From the lost Star Trek episode where aliens forced Captain Kirk to sing old Sinatra standards. Happy New Year!!!

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VIDEO: William Shatner and Taiwanese Boy Sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Capt. Kirk and the Boy from Taiwan that can sing like Whitney!

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