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Nadya Ginsburg Takes on the Evolving Face of Madonna

For years Nadya has been well known for her stage show and web series The Madonnalouges, where she portrays Madonna’s and other famous women existential crisis as they face the harsh light of fame.

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, best known for her uncanny impersonations of Cher, Winona Ryder and Madonna joins us to look at the evolution of Madonna’s face and how we have a hard time accepting our favorite entertainers when they unexpectedly go in a new direction in their work, or in their plastic surgery.

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FOF #2094 – Working for Joan Rivers

Comedian Nadya Ginsburg is quite the chameleon. She’s able to flawlessly transform herself into not just Madonna, but also Britney Spears, Winona Wider, Jennifer Lopez and Cher in her hilarious web series the Madonnalogues.

But did you know, Nadya worked for several years as a writer for the late comedy icon Joan Rivers? Listen as Nayda talks about what it was like to write for the queen of comedy.

VIDEO: ”Did You Suck His Cock?” for 10 Minutes

Inspired by “Wagon Wheel Watusi for 10 Minutes” I asked a classically trained film auteur, Brent Mata, to give me the “Black Swan” treatment. It’s just so dark! Ryder deserved an Oscar for asking the […]

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FOF #1303 – Black Swan Diva

Gay men love movies with flawless costumes, intense dancing and crazy women who tear each other apart to get ahead in show business.

Soon to join your collection of campy movies is Black Swan- a psychological thriller set in the competitive world of professional ballet. Join us as we talk about the film and don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you.

(Thank to Rei Sato for the amazing anime drawing!)

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