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FOF #2010 – Bye Bye Bill Cruz

We first met Bill Cruz 13 years ago in Chicago when he was a young man just getting into stand up comedy. At the time, he seemed to be the only out gay comedian in town. We were thrilled to have him perform at our live show held at a Vietnamese banquet hall.

Sadly, our friend Bill is moving to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. Lucky for you, he’s in the studio one more time before the big move.

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Enrique Iglesias Kept His Promise to Water Ski Naked. Or Did He?

You may remember that back in early July, Enrique Iglesias told the BBC that he would water ski naked if Spain won the 2010 World Cup. Well, they won, and he has alledgedly kept his promise. […]

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Paul the Octopus Predicts Results of World Cup Matches

Paul the octopus is astonishing soccer fans by predicting the winners of World Cup games. The soothsaying squid from the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany has correctly picked the result of all three German games […]

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