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Love Bites: Woman Partially Paralyzed by Hickey

First post-orgasmic illness syndrome, now this!

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VIDEO: Cutie Patootie, Slowed Down

Kiddie pageant sweetheart Little Eden went on the View clone TV show “The Talk” to sing “Cutie Patootie” and the hosts weren’t having it. Somebody decided to slow the whole thing down, not to better […]

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Same music as dramatic squirrel but with a whole new emotion- WTF!

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VIDEO: A Sure Fire Way to Give Anyone a Headache

If you’re hung over form New Year’s Eve, do not watch this You Tube double video of Blair Fowler, better known as JuicyStar007. See how long you can last listening to both videos at the […]

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VIDEO: Mormon Girls Take on Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s career comes full circle as some mormon kids in Provo, Utah put out their own polygamous take on Katy Perry’s California Girls. Katy Perry music career began as a Christian recording artist. Perry […]

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VIDEO: Candy Bar Ad Features Hulk in Drag

In a hilariously desperate attempt to “go viral” the Butterfinger candy bar company has hired former Hulk bodybuilding champion Lou Ferigno to dress up in drag.

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“Touchdown Jesus” Could Have Been “Naked PETA Jesus”

Touchdown Jesus, who may have actually been a Terminator sent from the future to destroy us, was recently lost in a fire on I-75 near Dayton, OH. It was a day that will live in […]

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VIDEO: Fanning the Flames

A NSFW-ish music video from Japan (some nudity from behind), that isn’t particularly sexy, but is pretty funny.  The ping pong balls were unexpected.

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VIDEO: BIZARRE Japanese Potato Chip Commercial

I’m not quite sure what just happened, but it involves a boy, a dog, and some chips.

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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Make Your Own “He’s the One” Frankengay Ad Campaign

Did you hate the creepy HIV awareness ad as much as we did? When the Illinois Department of Public Health gives you lemons, make something fabulous! We’re doing a Photshop contest, asking people to make […]

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