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FOF #1892 – Marriage Equality Comes to Illinois

Good news everyone! It’s official. Illinois lawmakers passed Marriage Equality, beating out Hawaii and New Mexico as the fifteenth state to allow same sex marriage. What took you so long?

Joining us to celebrate is blogger Robyn Pennachia, who covers politics and all sorts of delicious topics for the blog Death and Taxes.

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FOF #1797 – Not All Boos are Applause From Ghosts

An angry mob has formed online to condemn Amy and Samy Bouzaglatell over their bistro Amy’s Baking Company, which was recently featured on the reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares.

Today the adorable comedian Meredith Kachel joins us to talk about negative criticism, why it’s easier for everyone to dish it than to take it, how to give someone negative feedback so they’ll listen and how to grow as a person when you feel you’re being attacked.

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Cockroaches Have Their Own Yelp

Scientist have discovered that cockroaches “recommend” food to each by communicating with chemicals. Humans do the the same thing but they use Yelp, the social network that reviews restaurants and other services.

I’m having visions of Kafka now.

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