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FOF #2157 – In the Kitchen with Kim Chi

One of the most anticipated queens of the series so far is Kim Chi, whose Bi Bim Bop episode got over four thousand views on the first day. At our screening at the Austin International Drag Festival, people clamored for more of this high fashion Korean gal.

Today Kim Chi joins us to talk about whose green dress is it really, and what stuff from her wardrobe made it onto Trixie Mattel’s looks on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

FOF #2054 – Pretty in Pink

Dixie Lynn Cartwright has a voice that reaches all the way up to the stratosphere which garnered her quite a following on YouTube for her Disney Princess song medleys.

Today Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us for her podcasting debut. Listen as she give us the dirt on living in a house with Milk and his hot boyfriend in P-Town, how Bianca Del Rio sabotaged her act and we reveal an extra secret special surprise!

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FOF #1941 – From Meth to Yoga

When it comes to getting in shape, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s more than just about looking good, it can profoundly change your life.

Today we’re joined by yoga instructor JohnMark Robbins who grew up in ultra-conservative Texas, moved to Hollywood to be a stuntman, became addicted to meth, and then turned to yoga to stay sober. This is his remarkable story.

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VIDEO: Beef Cake Buddha

Who doesn’t like hunky guys, sexy circus moves, and acrobatics? AcroYoga Montreal,  brings these elements together seamlessly with its steamy yet contemplative video offering, Beefcake Buddha! Posted by Marsian, a Los Angeles-based puppet artist, chanteuse, and high […]

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VIDEO: Wolf Blitzer Talks Exercise, Fish Oil & Ballet with Mayor Emanuel

Rahm doesn’t seem to want to go in too deep about his diet in this interview with Wolf Blitzer but we discover that Rahm’s “private yoga class” is just code for his continued interest in […]

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VIDEO: Unintentionally Hilarious Facial Yoga Video

My yoga face, mah mah mah Yoga Face. Does this even work? If puffing out your cheeks make you look younger, wouldn’t trumpet players be known for their youthfullness? I’ll still try it out. Anyone […]

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FOF #1034 – Lady Gaga’s Hermiedick

Is pop singer Lady Gaga really a hermaphrodite? The baby daddy of Paris Jackson comes forward, it’s the actor who played Oliver Twist. And a battle over a Sarah Palin tip jar erupts in a Chicago vegan diner.

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