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FOF #2437 – Chugging Down the Fountain of Youth

When people ask about your age, it’s not usually because they are curious about your experiences, it’s likely they only want to judge how they have aged compared to you.

Today we take a second look at one of our more popular shows, Guzzling from the Fountain of Youth. Listen as we examine more far out to totally sensible ideas on how to look and feel your best.

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FOF #1977 – Guzzling from the Fountain of Youth

Like Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in the movie Death Becomes Her, some of us will go to any extreme to look younger. We poison our faces with botox and slice them with imperfect plastic surgery that not only looks weird, but costs a fortune.

Join us for a look at some quick and easy ways to shave years off your face and mind by waterboarding you with the Fountain of Youth.

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FOF #1856 – The Human Ken Doll

Over the past decade Justin Jedlica has had over 125 cosmetic procedures, modifying not just his face but almost every major muscle group in his body. Justin has had so much work done, it’s earned the nickname “The Human Ken Doll.”

Today Justin Jedlica joins us to talk about his incredible journey becoming the Human Ken Doll with all his plastic parts. Does he now come with batteries and is some assembly required?

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VIDEO: Boystown Youth Speak Out Against Being Scapegoated

Boystown youth speak out against violence in Lakeview and being scapegoated for the recent increase in reported crimes. They express the need for more safe spaces for youth in the neighborhood and the impact programs […]

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Kate Bornstein’s ”It Gets Better” Video

Kate Bornstein did a video for the “It Gets Better Project” that embodies why she is so wonderful.  I love her message.

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In Response to Racist Blog Post About Boystown Crime.

On 5/23, this was posted on in reference to local Boystown eatery Pie Hole Pizza-Joint closing soon. While I’m not one to get too involved in Boystown politics, it occured to me that viewpoints like these […]

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