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FOF #2041 – Coco Peru Gets Intimate

For over two decades, drag legend Coco Peru has appeared in many fabulous TV shows like Will & Grace and movies like Girls will be Girls, Too Wong Foo and Trick, where’s she will always be known for her iconic line “it burns.”

Today the legendary Coco Peru joins us to talk about her fabulous new career interviewing divas like Jane Fonda and Liza Minnelli for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, her shopping videos and she weighs in on the massive celebrity naked pic scandal.

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FOF #2018 – Praise for the Pocket Gay

Tommy Holl may be short guy, but when it comes to having fun, Tommy is a giant. Today, we take a look at why short gay men get a whole lot more attention than short straight guys, and the challenges of being a little guy.

Plus, YouTube blocks the original RickRoll video.

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VIDEO: RIP Willam’s Beatdown

All the good shows get cancelled. Google was throwing money at Stylish to produce videos for YouTube, and unfortunately most of their content wasn’t very good, except for Willam Belli’s Beatdown. Every week, Willam Belli […]

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FOF #1873 – Being Fat Saved My Life

In the past 30 years, obesity rates have skyrocketed in this country, with two-thirds of adults and one-third of children now being overweight. But it’s not all bad news– despite the health risks, a few people actually avoided serious harm because of their obesity.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at people whose lives were miraculously saved because they were fat.

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FOF #1659 – The Curse and Blessing of Reality TV

People often think that becoming famous overnight will fill that big gaping hole inside them. But would being on reality TV really make things better for you, or is it just putting your soul on lay-a-way for the devil?

Chef Jamie Laurita and his partner Rich Lane, who most recently got married on the Real Housewives of New Jersey join us to talk about the ins and outs of being a reality TV star.

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What’s Acceptable: Pubic Hair on Fire or a Gay Kiss?

You can watch people set their pubic hair on fire in videos and YouTube doesn’t yank it, but heaven forbid a video feature a gay kiss, then it’ll get flagged and maybe yanked! GOP presidential […]

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VIDEO: Young Man Comes out to Mom on Hidden Camera

I hope this is a lesson to all parents- the world is watching how you treat your kids!

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Rick Perry has most hated video on YouTube

Rick Perry’s popularity is rising….well rising that is if you hate his latest video where he lambastes the country for allowing gays to openly serve in the military but don’t let the poor little children […]

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FOF #1492 – Like Mah Interview with Miles Jai

Miles Jai had had it “up to here” with people asking him to “like my status” on Facebook, so he made a video to poke fun at it all, and it went viral.

Listen as Miles talks about handling his new celebrity and getting suspended from school for giving a guy in his drama club a Valentines Day Card.

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FOFA #1478 – The Impact of Internet Superstardom to Chris Crocker

Listen as we talk with Chris about his upcoming documentary “ Me at the Zoo,” his porn career put on hold, acting with Don Johnson and Shangela in a failed pilot and why we all got frisky backstage at Pridefest Milwaukee.