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VIDEO: Halloween With Zombies

You don’t have to speak German to get what’s going on in “Halloween Mit Zombies“- a cute German guy gets scared when the lights go out.

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FOFA #1067 – Twilight of the Gigi

Satanist soccer-mom Gigi Deluxe Gross shares with us her tips and tricks on harnessing the powers of darkness to make Halloween fabulous, fake blood recipies and how to make your eye look like it got bit off by a wild beast.

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VIDEO: Do It Yourself Zombie Make Up

How dead do you want to be? Freshly dead or rotting to the bone.

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VIDEO: Suck And Moan Episode 1: “It Begins…”

I’m very excited by this new web series “Suck and Moan” produced by Joel Bryant about zombies contaminating the the food supply for the vampires. As a bonus, it features his wife Deven Green of […]

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