Debbie Harry and the Muppets, One Way or Another

Apr 17, 2007 · 1985 views

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Puppets are just drag you wear on your hand, and the Muppet Show was one of the nuttiest, most sophisticated shows on television in the 70s, despite (or because of?) its children’s-TV roots. Here Debbie […]


  1. What year was this show aired?

  2. Good question! Probably 1978-80.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I always said Miss Piggy was a drag queen for the children of my generation. She was operated by a man, wore fabulous dresses, and had witty one-liners. As a kid, I loved her!

  4. Is she lip syncing here?

  5. I think she’s even lipsynching the part at the beginning where she’s talking!

  6. She probably was, those wireless mics were so expensive back then they never actually used them they just had prerecored voals that they tried to sync up the best they could.

  7. Yashira says:

    wow…that’s all I can say

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  9. pepper says:

    My boyfriend Taffy, resident Blondie Expert, and close personal friend (i.e. stalker) of Debra Harry, assures me that Debbie’s Muppet performance is unique to that show. It was not lip-synched.

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  11. I always enjoyed the guest stars and cameos on the Muppet Show – there really hasn’t been anything like it since, has there?

    Jim Henson was a genius and Frank Oz (Miss Piggy’s alter ego) still sends me into fits – he’s been in a few of my favourite films and just steals the damn scene every time! *giggle*

  12. Alec says:

    I thought I’d seen every Muppet show – guess I hadn’t.

    One way or another, fabulous clip.

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