Our name has changed, sort of.

Apr 17, 2007 · 1985 views

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Don’t panic if you’re looking for “-Gay Fun Show: Feast of Fools-” on your iPod, our name has changed to “Feast of Fools : Gay Fun Show” in order to accomodate our new fabulous site! […]


  1. Wow! Great new design….love your podcasts!
    Now that the site is so fancy, (HAHA) I’ll have to drop by more often–I usually download several podcasts in ITunes.
    And I’m usually a few days behind in hearing new ones, but they are all worth waiting for. Thanks, guys!

  2. its did the odd thing , but its alright.

  3. Lucas says:

    Oi! You broke my bloody RSS feed / Podcast reader! But it’s only a minor problem, just have to change my settings file to reflect the new title.

    I wrote my own RSS Podcast reader — started out as a small script that downloads an URL and transcode it to Ogg Vorbis (since my crappy iRiver for some reason don’t like Feast of Fools’ MP3 files) that little by little became a complete RSS Podcast reader.

    Anyways, the problem I see is, theoretically a single RSS feed (which is just a XML file) can contain multiple podcast channels. So when I wrote the RSS Podcast reader, I always assume that there might be multiple channels in a single RSS feed. When I subscribe to a podcast, I also lock in the title to uniquely identify the podcast — if there are multiple podcasts in a single RSS feed, I can quickly identify which podcast is subscribed using the podcast title. By changing the title, it breaks that identification process. Not sure what other ways to do this is available… Any suggestions?

  4. shane says:

    Happy Birthday Mr Fausto Fernos!!!

    35 years of age and 100 more years to follow…

  5. Lucas says:

    Ooo! Everything else changed as well — the GUID and the file link for each podcasts. — all of it changed… Gosh! when you guys go for new, you do *EVERYTHING* new, hunh? Breaks my RSS Podcast reader once again. It uses GUID and the file link for each podcast to determine whether the podcast has already been downloaded. Oh well… I guess I just have to do the subscription over then…

  6. Sorry about that Lucas- our new CMS/podpress/wordpress required a global change in all of this. If there is anything in the RSS feed itself you’re noticing that need to be updated/fixed, please let us know.

  7. I know I’m a day late but Happy Birthday Fausto! Love the new site and I just left you a juicy review on iTunes (leslie in ct). Love you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing

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