Why Do I Hate Angel Wings?

May 16, 2008 · 1985 views

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Angel wings look like shit on nearly everyone. They’re too cutsie on children and everyone else either looks like they should be in a choir or are trying too hard to get laid. I also […]


  1. That’s hot. Love Barbarella’s pack of KOOL cigarettes in her titty.

  2. defekto says:

    Marc, I was looking at that and at first I thought she had some K-Y jelly in there!

  3. Gays just LOVE their fracking angel wings!

  4. SAL-E says:

    I cannot tell you how much I hate them fags that wear them EVERY HALLOWEEN, CIRCUIT PARTY or location where there is not enough room to be wearing Wings…..
    Listen here DUMB ASS you hit me one more time with your wings and I will rip them off of you. Nothing like having some drunk or fucked up individual smack you in the face with a wing………..First off they are too big and the person never wears them the correct way.
    Two they end up getting wilted or fucked up within the first hour of wearing them. and Three unless you look like an Angel or Devil then you do not need wings………just get them tatooed on your back.
    here is a simple solution…..get a marker and have someone draw them on your back…….
    Ta Dah………….you now have wings…… now fly away.
    Love ya

  5. Sal-E will cut a bitch.

  6. Still, it’s a nice excuse for a hot guy to walk around shirtless. “An angel can not make love, because an angel IS love.” I’m not sure what I’m looking at here. But he sure has a big thirst quenching water bottle.

  7. SAL-E says:

    Oh my gosh, what the Crap is that with the Tan lines………….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Or is that baby powder????? I like them bigger in the boy parts department too.
    Look at the smurk………….makes me just want to slap him………with LOVE!
    Yes, I want one!
    Is that was a Farmers tan looks like if I were on the Gay Farm……..
    Nice shaved legs.
    Work it!
    Love ya

  8. defekto says:

    haaa…Great idea for a benefit…screw the dunking booth…a Bitch Slap the Angel booth would rake in the dough!

  9. Trannylover says:

    I’d like to slap the shit out of Sal-E, Jim, Fausto, Marc. I want to see the boys of the FOF with wings! Feast of Fools gives you wings. Fly babies fly.

  10. defekto says:

    Why don’t we meet half way over a plate of Buffalo Wings?

  11. SAL-E says:

    I already have wings trannylover………………..I got mine in ink on my back……in case I don’t get them later. You just try and slap me and see who winds up without any teeth. You strike me and see what happens, know this I am happy with who I am can you say the same?
    How dare you! Oh yeah,
    Nice Picture on your profile.
    Slap yourself and call yourself what you want.
    You are not supposed to hate in 2008.
    You obviously do not listen to the show on a regular basis.
    IML is coming and only certain Daddies will be Spanking me.
    Ever get Flogged? Try it you just might like it.
    Once again don’t try and come for me. TRUST ME, YOU CAN”T HANDLE ME!
    Love ya

  12. But it is for charity “Bitch Slap for Charity” That could be your first charity event when you start that cult thing you keep talking about.

  13. I don’t mind hot guys like these angel-studs slapping me, just as long as it isn’t TOO hard. After all, an angel can’t make love because an angel IS love, but an angel can slap the shit out of you and make it feel like a kiss.

  14. SAL-E says:

    Where are you both getting your information?
    My Glitter Group will show the World how to Sparkle!
    I am kidding what Clut thing are you talking about.
    Or which one?
    We all join groups and organizations for different reasons…
    I would love to be a part of anything especially if I know that I could not make a difference in one way or another. THIS IS WHY I AM STILL APART OF THE FEAST OF FOOLS.
    That and who else is going to give me a chance to speak and voice my opinion?
    I love being a part of a show that gives back in form of entertainment to some, education to others and well I am sure Everyone gets something out of us talking about just about Anything and Everything.
    Love ya

  15. SAL-E says:

    Ok somehow there is the word “not” jumped in between could and make……………….
    Science is so weird.
    Don’t even get me started on type O’s
    Once again Even I make mistakes…..
    Love ya -SAL-E

  16. Superboy says:

    Don’t make me slap you all. Angels have wings, and I looked damn good in my angel costume last Halloween. Jealous? YES!

  17. defekto says:

    I knew trash talking about angels would not go over well with everyone. And for the record I don’t get jealous over the possessions or personal attributes of other people…especially angels…they don’t even have a frickkin’ memory.

  18. HisDemonicCounterpart says:

    some of us are behind the camera for a reason

  19. Blueboi says:

    Is it wrong to collect angels like fireflies?

  20. German Penis says:

    Hey, Michael was a great fuck! Who knows why he killed that drug dealer guy…..I don’t think it was because of his outfit! I hope michael gets out of the joint soon since I’ve been getting really randy over the last 13 years!

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