Fabulous or Fabu-less? Fabulis’ New iPhone App

Jul 28, 2010 · 1985 views

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Websites are quickly looking to the smartphone market as a way to enhance and add to the overall user experience with their content. While some websites are able to find that perfect, easy to use […]


  1. John says:

    The only winner in the endless Fabulis voting contest is Jason Goldberg, who managed to squeeze millions of dollars out of his contacts to basically create an excuse to go on gay cruises and hang with with celebretards.

    Jealous that they have so much money and so little functionality to their site. Who the f— cares about half the shit there?

  2. Don’t be jealous because I have more points than you!

  3. Bradford Shellhammer says:

    Hi Ryan.

    You can see who voted for you and how much they voted by going to your fabulis profile on web and clicking “View All” in the “Voted For” column.

    More and more features will keep coming for both the mobile app and the site itself. We’re just trying to get things into the hands of our users. We appreciate the feedback, the constructive criticism. We take it seriously and hope you continue to evaluate as we better the product and experience.

    • Thanks Brad! That’s good to know about the “view all,” I noticed it now that I know where to look. I think the color scheme of the link and the location tends to make it less obvious to the eye.

      Thanks for all your efforts and for your dedication to constant improvement.


  4. alex says:

    that’s so nice that we have our own social network.I joined fabulis and i love it and I also found another one that is starting wich is called http://www.macho4macho.com I think it has potential too.

  5. GayMarine says:

    I don’t know about it’s iPhone App (I’m a Droid), but I say the whole site is “Fabu-less”. I joined early on and found it’s conjoined twin like relation with Facebook annoying. I racked up lots of bits though. Yes, seems EVERYBODY there loves a gay Marine. Once it morphed from being FABULIS to just plain FAB the annoyance factor increased with promotions, places, advertising, email, email, and more emails. When I made a negative comment on this I found my account locked. I finally got back in (after much angst and an assurance the lockout had nothing to do with my posting) and the same thing happened again. I just gave away all my bits and closed my account. That was another big hassle in itself. I’ll socialize on other fabulous sites now.

    Speaking of fabulous … I LOVE FOF!

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