Chinese Figure Out How to Cook a Fish and Serve It While It’s Still Alive

Nov 19, 2009 · 1985 views

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This is so totally messed up. Some folks in China have figured out how to fry and serve a fish while it’s still alive. Now if only if they could teach the fish to eat […]


  1. Avatar Tina P says:

    YIKES!! Wow… and I thought boiling lobsters was harsh!

  2. Avatar Blueboi says:

    The japanese do something similar called Ikizukuri.
    They sashimi it up and serve the head “alive” and moving. :/

  3. Eww Eww EWW. That’s disgusting.. Going with what Blueboi said, I have a friend that lives in Chicago and he knows how to do the thing with a fish so it’s alive and you eat it. It’s supposed to be pretty hard to do. He used to be a sushi chef.

  4. This is messed up man….

    This…this is messed up.

    I mean…the fish must have done something utterly horrible in its past life to suffer this death….it’s literally eaten ALIVE!
    And yet it’s cooked!

    This is MESSED UP !

  5. Avatar Andy says:

    Just disgusting! If you want to eat an animal kill it quickly.

    This as messed up as the Chinese shark fin soup. Never eat that! They catch the sharks, cut off the fins and throw back the sharks into the sea where they have a slow, painful death.

  6. Wrong Wrong Wrong……………oh and by the way, Dallas Voice still in business down here……..

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