Eat a Live Rat for Gay Rights in Uganda

Feb 7, 2011 · 1985 views

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It seems that eating live rats is a form of protest in Uganda. One man, whose father also ate live rats in front of the president says “I can eat more rats before the president […]


  1. clike kiwa says:

    About 99% of the rare times I have seen a comprehensive Ugandan story on Australian TV channels over the last two years, it has had to do with Uganda’s “draconian” loathing for homosexuals.

    This same message has reverberated all over the Western world. The most recent acerbic attack on Uganda’s anti-gay perception has had to do with the murder of a gay rights activist named David Kato.
    Murder of any sort must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

    However, this death (even if it had anything to do with homosexuality), should not be an excuse for backing down to Western pressure for us to embrace homosexuality. Because of their money, the West now believes Africa must also sink along with them in the guise of ‘minority rights and liberties’!

    In the likely event that the murder of this man had nothing to do with homosexuality, it begs the question how special their lives are that the whole Western world swings to condemn Uganda? Must we all become homos to get this kind of sympathy?

    • What are you saying? This man was murdered because he was gay. By all accounts, h e was killed by someone who had sex with him.

      This anti-gay sentiment did not exist in Uganda before fundamentalist Christians started to try influence the country.

  2. Nadia says:

    People being gay is fine with me. People eating poor little rats alive is not. Animals feel pain and fear too. Harming others is not a good way to get you point across.

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