Stay Closeted to Win Idol for Yourself, Lose Equality for All

Jan 15, 2010 · 1985 views

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Former American Idol contestant Kat McPhee thinks gays and lesbians on Idol should stay in the closet so they can get farther on the show–and she’s right. Gays and lesbians aren’t likely to go as […]


  1. The thing is, these days its really hard to stay in the closet. Peopel can smell the gay on a person these days like never before.

  2. Just look at Glambert!

  3. Blueboi says:

    The basic fact is that if you blend in people won’t hate you as much. It doesn’t matter if your gay, muslim, french etc.

    Have contestants been voted off of Idol for being gay? Or have people simple jumped to that conclusion?
    I don’t watch the show.

  4. I couldn’t disagree more. The more we try to hide who we are for the comfort of others, the more we give them permission to persist in their prejudice. Instead, if we refuse to hide, folks will be forced to confront us, and when they’re forced to confront us, they’ll see us as less scary. Their prejudices will be undermined and they’ll move closer to the middle. The more we hide, the longer that process takes.

    Less people will hate us if we DON’T BLEND. Those that hate us do hate us because they don’t understand us, because they don’t know any of us. Period.

    • Blueboi says:

      That doesn’t mean gay contestants (or gays in general) should go out of their way to be “gay” for the attention. Just be who you are.

      I hate the public image “gay” carries among the average population. When the subject comes up people are always surprised that i’m gay because i’m nothing like the image they have in their head. I don’t hide the fact that i’m gay, if people ask (or if the subject comes up) i happily fill them in.
      I’m just driven by (what i believe to be) more important identifiers.

      If i were to appear in the public spotlight (for what ever reason) does that mean I’m obligated to “gay” it up and/or make sure the words “I am gay”, are somewhere in my first statement?

  5. Watusicat says:

    So, after watching last nights Chicago auditions it made me wonder. What do the Idol Producers have against Chicago? It didn’t paint a pretty picture. (Not that it ever does)

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